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Website SEO analysis is done to essentially devise a holistic SEO strategy which is then further granulated into specific actions. Our audits assess hundreds of critical issues such as broken links (404 errors), content duplication and deficiencies, page load speeds and other SEO red flags. Broadly speaking, the website SEO analysis will report issues and offer prioritised recommendations on four main categories…

Website Accessibility

Search engines love highly accessible websites. Our SEO experts will analyse how accessible your website is for search engine crawlers and upon discovering any accessibility problems, provide concrete recommendations.


Indexability is the ability of search engines to add a page to its index. Often, search engines access the whole website but index only a small portion of it. We'll provide recommendations to get your website fully indexed in all search engines.

On-page Analysis

Each webpage is analysed against the most critical on-page SEO ranking factors, such as keywords, meta data, images, headings etc. Then optimisation gaps are identified and finally reported in form of prioritised recommendations.


We'll check if your website renders well on mobile devices and recommend opportunities of optimisation. Our specialists take a look at your website design, structure, page speed, and more to make sure you're not turning mobile visitors away.

Hire an SEO Expert – Not an SEO Tool

If you are forwarded (in the name of FREE SEO audit) a stack of reports generated in less than an hour by some tool – it’s just another document in your files. And that’s the reason why it was FREE in the first place. Here are 3 reasons why we don’t do free seo check…

  • Tools provide data, experts analyse the data and provide recommendations. And we charge for expert recommendations, not data that is filled with technical jargon.
  • It takes significant number of hours to analyse data and then translate it into specific prioritised recommendations that are easy-to-understand by someone not tech-savvy.
  • Every SEO audit we perform is tailored for the website and business. It’s not a run-of-the-mill or template report generated by the SEO software.
  • We only provide recommendations on factors that are critical to SEO rather than presenting each and every bit. It’s the quality of recommendations – not the quantity of contents that matter!
  • Our audits are completely independent . Step-by-step action plan gives you total freedom to get it implemented by whoever you prefer.

What You’ll Get in your SEO Audit

Concrete Recommendations

Clear, concrete and easy to understand actions ready to implement.

Prioritised Recommendations

Each action is prioritised on its scale of urgency and impact. No more head scratching over "where to start".

Action Timeframe

Every action has an estimated time frame in which it is expected to be completed

Action Resource

Every single action identifies the best resource to smoothly implement the action

Problem Identification

Identification of the issue with a brief description of the problem or key concept (wherever necessary)


Step-by-Step instructions about how to fix the identified issue



Why does my website need an audit?

SEO audits analyse how healthy a website is and how technically efficient it is to drive traffic from search engines. If you've recently established a website and want to drive traffic from major search engines, it is absolutely critical to perform an SEO audit now. Also, if the last time you got an audit done was 6 months or more, it's time to do another one.


Why don't you do FREE SEO audit?

On average it takes around 30 hours to analyse and write recommendations for a website that has less than 100 pages. As a result, you get a prioritised action plan with step by step instructions for implementation. So, we can't provide such significant amounts of work for FREE.


Why others are offering it for FREE?

FREE SEO audits are just a stack of reports generated in less than 15 minutes by some SEO tool. FREE SEO audit is not personalised neither prioritised, filled with raw data and technical jargon,. Since SEO companies don't put in any significant number of hours and efforts to interpret the data into concrete recommendations, they offer it for FREE.


How long does it take?

It really depends upon the size of the website. Normally, we deliver the recommendations report in one week (minimum) and two weeks (maximum).


What if I have questions about the SEO Audit recommendations?

We provide up to 2 hours of telephonic consultation to answer your questions and help you move to the next stage - which is implementing the recommendations.


Do you implement the recommendations as well?

Yes, we can for an additional charge. However, you are totally free to get our recommendations implemented by whoever you like.

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