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What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques And Which Of Them Should Be Avoided?

Do you ever wanted to know what are black hat SEO techniques which Google hates? If yes!! Then you are at the right place. I know many of you might not be aware of such types of SEO techniques deeply as using them can put your website in big trouble. Here with this article I will make you aware of those black Hat SEO techniques which are commonly used by web bloggers to gain huge traffic and let you know why there is a reason to avoid them.

What are black hat SEO techniques?

Black hat SEO basically means a set of practices which are used by people in order to increase a page’s or site’s rank in the search engines that mostly violates terms of services of search engines. The origin of term “black hat” is quite interesting. It actually originated in Western movies for distinguishing bad boys from good boys whereas god boys used to wear white hats. Google’s Webmaster Guidelines have been denounced openly a list of strategies that are employed by black hat SEO practitioners.

Why you should report Black Hat SEO?

Black hat techniques should be reported immediately. The main reasons behind this is:-

  • If your website is being attacked with virus, malicious hack, negative campaign of SEO of spammy links.
  • If spammy web results are visible on your websites when searching for competitive keywords.

For the second case, one can also file a web spam report with the help of Google webmaster tools. However if the report submitted is found to be spam than that will also be considered as a black hat SEO technique because many people take advantage of this help in negative way and consider it as another chance of getting popular easily. Therefore you should be sure enough before taking that step as your false report may force the authority to ban your website.

Which black hat SEO techniques should be avoided?

What Are Black Hat SEO Techniques And Which Of Them Should Be Avoided (2)

Given below are some of the black hat SEO techniques that should be avoided by you to run your website successfully on long term basis.

  1. Unrelated keywords

You should not add or include irrelevant keywords to copy just for extra page hits. Instead of this you should keep your content sharply focused on a particular topic so that users would be able to find what they were searching for.

  1. Keyword stuffing and keyword stacking

You should not repeat keywords to such an extent that it looks like gibberish in sentence. Always write those sentences that make complete sense and possess reasonable density of keywords. Sentence should contain desired and linked words instead of unnecessarily repeating keywords.

  1. Doorway Pages

You should not haphazardly stuff pages that have keyword phrases with basic goal of receiving high ranking and all the direct visitors automatically to other separate page. In fact an information page and landing page should be created for humans who are rich in terms of content.

  1. Cloaking

You should not present search engines through one set of content. You should also not perform task like tricking the visitors from search engines into a page that has different content. In fact you should be honest and should create such kind of web page which is based on provided description on search engine result page. In this manner the web page will fulfill desires and expectations of visitors.    

  1. Hidden links, hidden text, and tiny text

You should not pull illegible text pages bottom and try not to make text of the similar color as that of background, images, or format text which are not detectable visibly as links. That content should be written which is intended to be read by others. Text should be carefully contrasted with the color of background and images. 

  1. Page swapping

You should not make a web page ranked as well as indexed first and then change of page occur entirely. You should keep updating your web page on regular basis and also keep overall page topics intact.

  1. Comment spam

You should not automatically post links in terms of comments on the blogs in order to increase inbound links’ number. In fact you should post constructive and insightful comments linked with blog post or article. 

  1. Splogs

You should blog by making use of software which generates garbled text through keyword phrases for sole purpose of receiving visitors which click on ads. Time should be put by you into blog posts in order to write something fresh, novel, and coherent. 

  1. Cookie dropping

You should not put affiliate cookies stealthily on computers. In fact you should link to retail websites which have affiliate links in order to earn a good percentage of sales.

  1. URL hijacking

You should never register a domain name which is not spelled correctly or is misspelled version of any popular website with purpose of misleading the visitors and increase population on your own website. This is against the business ethics and also highly disliked by visitors. A website should be developed by you that gets popularity and frame though its valuable and rich content.

  1. Referrer spam

You should not advertise a website through repeated requests with help of a fake referrer URL to the websites which publicize statistics linked with referrer. In fact you should links a content which is completely relevant and allow visitors naturally follow upcoming links.

  1. Social networking spam

Demographics on various social networking sites should not be targeted by you. Also you should send plenty of messages to people with advertisements. In fact it is good to develop a network to find people having interest on similar topics, and after finding mutual interest you can exchange contact information.

Wrapping Up

Above mentioned above, the list contain most popularly used black hat SEO techniques which should be avoided. It should be kept in mind that performing different forms of black hat SEO is against business ethics but in addition it also damages market reputation of business.

This may also lead to banning of your website from specific search engines and lawsuits through copyright infringement. There are plenty of ways to get success without making use of such techniques and to help you regarding that I have already mentioned some tips along with black hat SEO list. It is obvious that a website may take some time to become successful or popular but it is an ethical process that has more chances to survive in the long term.  

Fahad Raza is a founder of SEO Sydney Services, CyberBrand & Right Click. Started his digital marketing career in 2002 when Yahoo was more popular than Google. A small business marketing expert who has helped numerous businesses establish and grow their online presence.