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Some Of The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Keywords are most important and critical part in the process of SEO. It is considered as SEO’s basic foundation. Every year thousands of dollars are invested by many companies in order to pay for the keyword research for achieving a targeted content. But now you are not supposed to spend such huge amount of your precious money as here I am writing this post to help you come out of such situation. Fortunately, these days many keywords research tools are available online that can help you in figuring out which keyword can work best for overall web strategy planned by you. Here I am going to discuss some of the best keyword research tool for SEO which will definitely help you in choosing the correct data.

Some Of The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO

Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO

  1. Google keyword planner

Before starting I would like to mention here the most attractive feature of this tool: it is free to use. I hope this has increased your interest level regarding this tool. It is probably one of the best tools from where you can start your research about organic keywords with customization of the results that you get from other competitors. It includes some simple steps that include entering of your product, landing page of your competitor along with product category. After this you have to customize results for some kinds of keywords. With help of Google keyword planner you can make a successful search for some new keywords along with ideas of ad group. Some advantages of this tool include:-

  • It helps you to achieve a search volume for a specific list of keywords. Also you can group these into ad groups.
  • You can also achieve a traffic forecast for keywords list.
  • Also you can multiply some keyword lists in order to get ideas of new keywords

Special attention should be paid by you on ideas of ad groups as well as keywords as both of these are helpful in case of SEO. Ad groups ideas consists of a set of linked keywords that may not appear in general ideas of keywords. Competition, average monthly search are some factors that require keen attention from you. Keyword planner is always helpful in determination of better keywords to target organically.


This tool is basically not a typical research tool for keywords because it has so much more to offer. All you need to do is to add yours website’s URL and this tool will immediately show all the keywords which are ranking for the site. You can also use this tool for getting the same information about your competitor’s site by adding his website’s URL. So it becomes easy for you to find long tail and short tail keyword which can beat and target competition surrounding you. With this tool you can get complete detail on:

  • Search engine reports
  • Traffic statistics
  • Adsense CPC
  • Many further details which you require in proper management of a SEO campaign.

It is a one stop tool in terms of complete analysis as it allows you to dig into landing page of your competitors website and frame SEO strategies which might benefit you.

  1. KWFinder

Another one to join the list of best keyword research tool for SEO is the KWFinder. It is a long tail keyword research tool that comes with commendable interface. It can show you search volume, trend, difficulty level in results, and CPC. But if you are thinking to click on individual keyword then a second page will pop up showing linked difficulty level (within range of 1 to 100) along with Google search results.

It shows results about domains that are targeting keyword, social shares, page back links, traffic etc. These mentioned extra dimensions of keyword can proved to be relevant, especially when you are integrating SEO with content marketing. Making use of question based research option of keywords can help you in finding long tail keywords which are linked with solutions of your problems. This tool also helps you to dig into local keyword research that can target search results with respect to country, state, or city. Though all the services of this tool are not free but you should at least give it an honest chance to prove itself as one of the best keyword search tool option.

  1. SECockpit

It’s an another popular tool which is used for conducting keyword research. This tools is also used for many purposes linked with SEO such as site ranking improvement and site planning. SECockpit consists of many different modules that include:-

  • Keyword research
  • Keywords ideas through YouTube and Amazon suggestions.
  • Keywords ideas through Google suggestions and other liked searches.
  • Step by step projects of SEO tasks.
  • Branded and advanced PDF reports

Though this tool has many advanced features but it suffers some limitations too. One of its basic limitations is that it is new in market so it requires a a little bit more time than other tools. Thus it is similar in this way with many other new emerging platforms. However one should definitely give it a try as it offers some advanced research options.

  1. SpyFu

Presently, it is one of best software product for SEO optimization in market. It is especially recommended when someone is making effort to discover and stay ahead of competitors. This tool has many benefits. Some of them include:-

  • Better understanding of competitor’s SEO platform.
  • Proper discovery of untapped, under-served, and emerging markets.

It has many modules like:-

  • Keyword history
  • Compare websites
  • Related keywords
  • Domain history

One of basic limitation of this tool is that it cannot have depth of keywords which many competitors can, although it is in change. Another limitation is that it works on monthly basis rather than real time as most of competitors research tools do.

With help of above mentioned tools, I am sure that you are ready to proceed with your fruitful research as you must have found your best keyword research tool for SEO. Try any of the above keywords research tool and find out which SEO keyword matches to your business requirements.

Fahad Raza is a founder of SEO Sydney Services, CyberBrand & Right Click. Started his digital marketing career in 2002 when Yahoo was more popular than Google. A small business marketing expert who has helped numerous businesses establish and grow their online presence.