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How To Increase SEO On Google To Rank More

Want to know how to increase SEO on Google? You have  landed on the correct place. In this ultra-modern world of high-end competition, it is often seen that a website which is ranked higher on Google hits the heights on the traffic charts too. But is it easy to get a higher rank on Google? Well, this question has a diplomatic answer which means it is sometimes easy and sometimes very difficult to rank higher as it totally depends upon the niche which you are choosing. However the best thing about getting a higher rank on Google is that you can try out a whole lot of things to succeed. And that’s what I am going to discuss with you today.

On-page steps on how to increase SEO on Google

On-page SEO

These are the ways by which you can create the content of your website in such a way that they get a higher rank on Google. Here are some easy ways which you can follow to increase yours website’s SEO on Google:-

  1. Keywords

Keywords are actually those phrases which portray the gist of your article. It is the main word through which you want to attract your audience. Placement of these mighty words can be the most important tactic while trying for a high SEO rank on Google. It should also be taken into consideration that these words need to be used enough number of times so that they can increase the keyword density of your article. However, make sure you use it up to an extent so that they do not hamper the readability of your article.

  1. The title of the page

Another very easy answer as to how to increase SEO on Google is to get a perfect title for your page. The title should be self-explanatory and should be totally related to the article. Google displays the title of your article in the results. So this makes it critical to have a relevant title so as to drive the loyal readers to your website.

  1. Update the Website Regularly

In this dynamic world, Google disregards static websites. Therefore it is natural that a site which is not up to date will not get some good ranks. You have to add up some great content regularly in order to increase your SEO. It is also an excellent indicator of the relevancy of the website.

  1. Meta Description

This is the short description which Google displays under your title of the web page on the results page. It is the secondary thing which a user views after your title. Having relevant Meta description would increase your Google ranks and makes sure that you remain in competition.

  1. Header Tags

Another easy on-page method that can easily answer your question on how to increase SEO on Google. For this, you need to just make sure that while posting your content you provide your headings and subheadings with proper header tags i.e. <H1> or <H2> to your main headings and <H3> and <H4> to your subheadings. Google’s spider search makes use of these tags in order to get relevant information about your website and rank it in Google.

Off-page Steps on how to increase SEO on Google

Off Page SEO

Off page steps are those steps which can be done from the back end in order the increase your SEO on Google. These steps are a bit more technical yet a very convenient answer as to how to increase SEO on Google to rank more.

  1. URL Structuring

URL in plain language is the web address of your page. Trust me it is the primary thing that Search engines see while determining your ranking on Google. A proper URL is short and it always correctly corresponds to the title of your website. It must be relevant, and it would surely be a plus if it contains a keyword.

  1. Linking

Linking is another important aspect as to how to increase SEO on Google. Linking means that how often do other websites give your link in their articles. For this you at your own have to link up some references within your content to other websites so that you can be tracked by those mighty SEO spiders of Google.

  1. Avoid flash for website development

Flash made websites are very easy to be created however these websites are often ranked too low by Google. You can quickly increase your SEO on Google by just changing the format you use from flash to WordPress.

  1. ALT tags

Your content has some images with it which require some descriptions known as alternative text description. These images need some good amount of SEO so that they can be ranked well in Google ratings. You should apply appropriate alt tags giving your keywords within these tags. Not only images, but videos on your website also require alt tags description.

  1. Device friendly Interface

Today around 50% of the organic traffic comes solely from mobiles. In this scenario, it is very important that you have a website which adjusts itself according to the device. Google ranks such websites higher as they give a better user experience than the others.

Getting a good rank on Google is surely not a work of a day or two weeks task. It requires constant effort on your part. You have to keep regular track of your Google standings. Check out the referrers log to track the mode of your visitor’s arrival. Do constant efforts to improve the SEO of each and every page of your website in order to get a completely optimized website. Also, try to add a sitemap page. With constant efforts, results will improve and you will surely get a good rank on Google.

Fahad Raza is a founder of SEO Sydney Services, CyberBrand & Right Click. Started his digital marketing career in 2002 when Yahoo was more popular than Google. A small business marketing expert who has helped numerous businesses establish and grow their online presence.