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6 questions to raise before signing-in an SEO agency!

If your business is not appearing in the first few searches, then where is it? How would your potential customers or prospect clients know that you even exist? And before you would even know that how many customers you are shedding off your business tree, your competitor will take care of them. Therefore, it is essential to get your business portal optimised effectively to have better visibility on the search engines.

To enjoy increased brand penetration and online traffic, Search Engine Optimisation is one of the best ways to adhere to. But what if you are not technically sound to do it yourself? Hiring an in-house resource could cost you more because there is no one to monitor the effectiveness of that resource.

You might think of outsourcing your site’s SEO activities to a reputed agency but that too requires a little homework. Before signing in any particular agency, it is important to raise reasonable questions to determine if that agency is good to go.

Here are six important questions that you must ask the SEO Agency:

1.    Can you share the list of clients that you have worked with or currently working on?

A list of current and former clients give a very clear picture of the agency’s reputation. The agency may not share the true data of analytics due to multiple reasons but an agency should be able to present their success case studies in shape of percentages or statistical figures of gaining traffic, conversions and leads of their specific SEO campaigns. So try and notice, how far an agency is willing to share and what good names it has bagged in the portfolio!

2.    In what ways do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

Well versed companies have more than one way to measure the results of any deployed SEO campaign. To gauge the success of the campaign closely, SEO agency uses Google Analytics to track incoming tractions, leads and conversions on the site. Upon questioning, they must be able to communicate their back linking metrics, incoming traffic and a generic customer pattern on any site. Also, don’t forget to ask about their reporting schedule and how would they use the analytics to continually improve their SEO activities.

3.    Will a plan be provided before starting off the SEO activities?

A client and an SEO agency go hand in hand when it comes to deploying any curated SEO strategy. For specific On-page and off-page SEO activities, a company is liable to seek consent from their clients. So be sure, if they are ready to involve you as equally as they are and happy about keeping you aware of each and every single step.

4.    Will my site perform better than my competitors?

If the agency says yes, consider it a red flag! No professional can commit without auditing your site or without analysing competitor’s analysis report. And if in any way, the agency tries to claim that they are Google Partners and can place your site on the first page, it is the last nail in the coffin. Rankings can only be tricked and gained by quality content, white hat SEO strategies and frequent updates according to search engines standards and rules.

So, don’t just hurry in signing in the agency, it is good to pay close attention to detail. A reputed agency never over-commits or make false promises. They always ask for time to prepare a formal report on your site’s existing status.

5.    Will I be aware of the changes that the agency would do to my site?

This is one of the most important questions you can raise in the first meeting. If your site is going to the SEO agency for the first time, it will most likely need multiple adjustments to the existing webpage coding. Therefore, dig a little deeper and know what exactly the changes would do and on how many web pages would it be needed. Will they add new Meta descriptions and Meta titles or will they re-do the existing ones? Will the copy be included in the invoice or will it be charged individually?

Many agencies charge you inclusive of the development changes required during the on-page SEO. Whereas a lot may not clearly highlight it and once you are in contract, you may have to pay extra or get your personal developer do the changes required. Or if they think your site needs a complete navigation overhaul, they must be informing you in the first place. Asking more about the changes will prepare you and the agency for future commitments.

6.    What will happen when the SEO contract tenure is done?

Asking about the exit plan will help you foresee the closer or renewal of the contract. Let the agency answer and see if they are ready to give you the ownership of all the services you have paid for? The SEO agency must not remove or revert the changes they had made, or modifications were done to your webpages. Don’t forget to ask if there are any early exit strategy if things are not working out the way they had committed.

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Fahad Raza is a founder of SEO Sydney Services, CyberBrand & Right Click. Started his digital marketing career in 2002 when Yahoo was more popular than Google. A small business marketing expert who has helped numerous businesses establish and grow their online presence.